How to order

Get a quote. As the computer equipment supplied under this contract, it is not strictly necessary to get a quotation from Wriggle: a purchase order can be directly raised with Wriggle. When raising a purchase order directly with Wriggle without a quotation, ensure that the elements of your order are clear and that product names/part numbers and pricing the contracted equipment details.

However, even where standard equipment is being purchased at the specified contract pricing, you may prefer to request a quote from Wriggle in advance of raising a purchase order; indeed, this may be a requirement within certain departments or for certain budgets. Check with the budget holder. If in doubt, you should ask Wriggle to provide a quotation.

Place an order

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Official purchase orders shall be placed for all values of goods/services. Contact your department administrator (or budgetholder) to raise a Purchase Order on your behalf.

IMPORTANT: Purchase orders cannot be placed through supplier web portals, orders must be placed using the normal purchase order processes currently in use at your institution